Клипы - One direction-Use somebody Glasgow Afternoon14th january HARRY GETTING OUR MILKYWAY CRISPY ROLL

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Категория ролика: One Direction клипы

@melissahowie_x twitterrrr.. right well front row foor the 3days and ended up at the barrier !.. in this u can see the crispy roll on the ground harry keeps lookin at us smiling n doin wee faces 0.14-0.21 and before it we pointed to it and he leaned forward said whatttt?? & at round about 0.35-0.41 hes listening to us saying thers 2 ones over there and he shakes his head and laughs haha!!! then done a big shocked face thenn at the end he picks it up walks away looks at us when its dark opens it eats it with zayn up the back and then looks at us laughs rubs his belly thennn he still done a big smile and laughed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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