Клипы - ONE DIRECTION at their hotel in HAMBURG

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I went to their show in Berlin and on my way home I saw their tourbus on the motorway and followed them to the hotel.
I saw Harry walking into their Hamburg hotel at 3am. He looked sooooooo tired, like he just woke up. I said 'hey harry' and he just ran his fingers through his hair and waved:)
Sorry for the bad quality. But it was just soo dark. The video is much clearer on my camera, i dont know why you almost can not see harry on here. sad i tried my best to make it clearer.

Later that day, I saw Liam and Louis entering the hotel. Louis looked soooo awful. I had to stop filming cause I felt too bad seeing him like this. Don't wanted to be too disrespectful. He looked over his shoulder and waved at us though.
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