Клипы - Ocean Symphony

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You can download the song off itunes here.

The music for this video was composed by Elton Luz.
You can contact him at this link.

The vocals were recorded specifically for this song, and they were done by Phoenix Luz Costa
As far as the technical details go on the making of this video, I have them right below....
The entire film was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II.
The only lens used was a Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L series lens. I used that, an an extender, which double magnifies the 70-200, and makes it go up to 400mm for the super close shots. The magnifier I used was a Canon Extender EF 2x III.
I shot the entire film at 24fps. I filmed it over the coarse of one full day, and one half day, back to back. I filmed it on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, all on the North Shore, at Sharks Cove the first day, and Waimea the second day. I filmed the footage January 21'st and 22nd. It was some of the biggest waves to hit Hawaii that year.
With the Canon 5D Mark II, since it does pictures as well, I've uploaded some of those I took while there. My primary focus was to film waves, and I took these just because I was already set up, check the link below for that.

For more information on the making these youtube videos, questions, and film making stuff, check out my blog below.

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