Клипы - Nicologik and Zephyr - Arrive To Schiphol Plaza (Jacob Van Hage Remix)

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Nicologik and Zephyr - Arrive To Schiphol Plaza (Jacob Van Hage Remix) ★★★【MUSIC VIDEO ToJ edit】★★★


Video edits: TranceOnJeroen
Special thanks to for the usage of his great Schiphol visuals!
Visuals including: schiphol airport, new kids turbo zo'n grote vuurbal jonge tiesto armin van buuren ferry corsten dance valley trance energy sensation amsterdam coffee shop red district holland netherlands tulips windmills
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Support by: W&W, Leon Bolier, Ernesto vs Bastian, Artento Divini, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Kris O'Neil, Veselin Tasev, Tigran Oganezov, Eddie Sender, Erick Morillo, Suzy Solar, Robert Gitelman, Gay Barone, Shadowfall,Dimitris Kolios, and many more!
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The airplane is landed.
You must be prepared to this devastating sound signed by Nicologik and Zephyr.
With Arrive to Schiphol Plaza they landed where they only approached with Kinteka.
A tech intro with a growing groove prepares your body to an explosion of synth with dry and modern kick. It's a continuous of pitches and distorted reverbs in perfect Club-Trance style with a touch of Techno.
Jacob Van Hage is waiting Nicologik and Zephyr at arrivals of Schiphol Airport. He is one of the most spotlighted dutch name: this year he has given birth to the devastating tunes Spotfire and Convoi. His remix hijacks the plane to more Club-Trause destinations. You have to be prepared: after an intro full of groove and a short breackdown a really massive, pitched, syncopated synth brings your airplane far beyond the sound barrier. Everything is boosted by a powerfull kick and air crusheing basslines.
Arrive to Schiphol Plaza is the ultimate airplane if you really want to burn kerosene on the dancefloor.
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