Клипы - Nicky Minaj Talks Lady Gaga Comparasion"It Irks Me" Nightline 4-9-2012

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Nicki Minaj Talks Lady Gaga Comparison (Annoying) Don't call her Gaga Reloaded.

Nicki Minaj, whose performance at the Grammys this year was meant to shock and get people talking (let's see, where have we seen that before...), didn't appear to take kindly during her sit-down with Nightline to questions about the inevitable comparisons made between her and Lady Gaga.
At least, the interviewer certainly seemed to think the comparison was inevitable."Offends me, no. Irks me, yes," Minaj said when ABC's Juju Chang asked if the Lady Gaga comparisons do, indeed, offend the similarly flamboyant hip-hop star. "We are in completely different lanes."

"First of all," the "Super Bass" artist said defiantly, "I'm a rapper. I'm from southside Jamaica, Queens. I could say some really crazy lyrics right now, but I won't. Why don't I turn the cameras around and ask you?"

So, Chang, not wanting to point out that Lady Gaga's a native New Yorker, too, mentioned that they both wear wigs.

"Wigs?" Minaj retorted. "Every female in this game—every female in this game—wears wigs."
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