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Категория ролика: Nicki Minaj

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It's Rock Week on American Idol's Top 7 performances show and things get a little crazy! Hey guys thanks for watching ClevverMusic, here with another Idol Cap for Season 12! Last night's Idol show was all about classic rock n' roll, no ballads allowed. Nicki and Mariah showed up in the same color again- this time blue and now we think they may be planning this.

The contestants chose rock favorites like Queen, Janis Joplin, Bon Jovi, and more. They also rocked out with talented guitarist Orianthi and performed duets with each other for the second week in a row. Things started to get a little wacky when Janelle performed her solo song Billy Joel's "You Make Me Right", check it out.

She got many compliments from the judges, many for her vocals AND for her glittery rhinestone cowboy boots. Nicki commented on her reliability, "Girls will love you; you feel like every girl's best friend." After the next commercial break, we saw Nicki wearing Janelle's boots! Girl power, sharing is caring.

And after Lazaro botched his trio performance last week with Burnell and Devin (which might have contributed to Devin going home), Lazaro forgot more lyrics this week during his duet with Angie of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", check it out!

Nicki wasn't so easy on Lazie this time calling him out saying, "You seemed to be comfortable until you forgot the lyrics again." Ouch. Nicki was equally hard on herself during the show, mocking the audience by booing herself! After Candice Glover performed "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" Nicki said the song put her to sleep and knowing what the audience would do, she just decided to encourage them to boo her.

We like seeing Nicki poke fun at herself! But now it's your turn to tell us who you thought was the best performance of the night?! Who will go home tomorrow? Sadface. Be sure to keep it right here on ClevverMusic for more Idol news every week- you won't want to miss it. I'm Misty Kingma catch you later.
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