Клипы - NEW Pictures from Miley Cyrus' music video "Seven Things".

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The rumors that the song "Seven Things" is about Nick Jonas; those rumors are true!
On the set of Miley Ray Cyrus' new music video '7 Things,' she was told by photographers and a producer 'to picture Nick Jonas face' on the floor when smashing her guitar into it. An insider told oceanUP exclusively:
'They kept telling her to picture Nick throughout the shoot. Even more so when smashing the guitar! Apparently they dated off and on for a year and then Nick broke it off before Christmas last year. They have been trying to patch up their friendship because of the media.'
Recently, a picture Miley and Nick's first kiss emerged on Miley's Blackberry, proving they once had a close relationship. This guitar smashing incident is just further evidence that '7 Things' was written about Miley's bitter breakup with Nick.
Stills and behind the scenes pics form the new 7 Things video, not out yet.
Credit for this information goes to annalou2821

Since there were so many pictures, I didnt put them all in my video, so heres the where I got the pictures from:

Btw, Im sorry that the video is so long, but there were SO many pictures.. and I know the song "Still In Love With You" and "Goodnight and Goodbye" isnt about Miley, but oh-well, I needed 2 more song.
Enjoy; and thanks for watching.
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