Клипы - New 2010 song Sweet Dream remix ft Lil Wayne and Nicki MInaj

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Every night I rush to my bed
With hopes that maybe Ill get a chance to see you
When I close my eyes
Im going outta my head
Lost in a fairytale
Can you hold my hands and be my guide
Clouds filled with stars cover your skies
And I hope it rains
Youre the perfect lullaby
What kinda dream is this
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I, dont wanna wake up from you
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me, your loves to good to be true
My guilty pleasure I aint going no where
Baby long as youre here
Ill be floating on air cause youre my
You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I, dont wanna wake up from you
[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, young money right here,
bike here, throw it up, no high chair,
cold like a white bear,
freddie Kruger Im a rap b-tch nightmare,
and Im rich I could buy you,
kill b-tches leave ya body in a bayou,
more brain than an IQ,
more head than a dread (my youte),
and my bank account aint hardly empty,
thats why I come through in a Barbie Bentley
so please mamacita, please no envy,
when you come around it reads no entry,
whos next to go,
my flows so flexible,
get gas, then get at me, Texaco,
shoot yourself in the leg, Plaxico (Burress)
white jag with the twisted lip,
I aint Mike Jack but This is it!
b- b- b- boo Im everywhere,
your like balloon boy mama you was never there!
I am the kung fu panda,
f-ck all o ya blogs, f-ck all o ya propaganda,
good for the goose then its good for the gander,
nicki aint a rapper, nicki is a brander,
please you can never compare to me,
all these b-tches is scared of me,
I am who they couldnt even dare to be,
so thats all folks, badibadee
i go hard pause,
Hospital flow get more gauze,
imma bad b-tch on all fours,
the president be like its all yours,
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
Weezy and Nicki bring the A-game, high stats,
go together like Ricky and his eye patch,
go together like a team in the gym,
Kareem in the ring, the queen and the king,
Tattoo your name across my heart
So it will remain
Not even death can make us part
(No Ceilings)
What kind of dream is this!
You could be a sweet dr.
[Lil Wayne]
Kush it out, red bone p-ssy mouth,
eat you up, spit you out,
f-ck your girl in your house,
Im terrible be careful,
you might want say a prayer or two,
so cold I need theraflu,
Im so high I need parachutes,
Im error proof, Im never spooked,
got my coupe, heaven blue,
and my flag red as hell, think your sweet as devils food,
I never lose,
my weapons use,
f-ck with me wrong, sh-t get ugly, Devin Dude,
and shes the queen,
twos a couple, threes a scene,
Weezy that n-gga that you see in your dreams,
get the p-ssy wet Abita springs, huh, Im easter clean,
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
shout to my homegirl Mika Means,
anything we want we redeem,
you n-ggas gassed up 93 supreme,
Nicki Minaj is the hardest b-tch,
more than an artist b-tch,
she talk a whole lot of sh-t
and walk around like she President Carters b-tch,
she be on her Barbie sh-t,
and me Im on the carter 6,
and I can turn crumbs to bricks,
and I can turn nuns to tricks,
young mula baby,
fu-f-ck your feelings,
and this is No Ceilings
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