Клипы - Naked by Dev & Enrique Iglesias [HD] ♫♪Lyrics♪♫ [Un Official Video]

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This is an unofficial fanmade video for Naked by Dev & Enrique Iglesias. Finished in record time! I really like how it turned out in the end. I was really surprised when I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am usually against having anyone but the artists that are singing in the video, but this time I made an exception. As of now, I won't be able to make anymore videos of Dev or Nicki without repeating old material left and right. It'll probably be a while until I'm inspired enough to make another video anyway, so... Enjoy!!!

Buy this single available now in iTunes and Dev's debut album The Night The Sun Came Up scheduled for US release on March 27, 2012.

BTW, I do not own this song or any of these videos nor do I make any profit from making this. Thank You!!!!
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