Клипы - Metallica LIVE - Bemowo Airport, Warsaw, Poland [HQ AUDIO HD VIDEO]

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Metallica - Bemowo Airport, Warsaw, Poland - 10.05.2012

- 1080p video by pjanczyk (youtube.com/user/pjanczyk)
- 320kbps audio by LiveMetallica (livemetallica.com)
- edited by me

I apologize for some unsynchronizations, especially near the end (about 3 last songs). It was very hard to render this video in 1080p, it took hours and hours and my PC was constantly freezing, so I had to render the video in parts...

Please remember that the video seen on the big screen behind the band is NOT synchronized with the live video, so I was trying to synchronize audio to the LIVE video, not to the video from the screen!

Also, please visit my channel to hear my Symphony & Studio Metallica mixes!

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