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Madonna performs "Like a Virgin" live at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. 'Like A Virgin', Madonna's 2nd album, was released hot on the heels of her first album in November 1984 and shot immediately to the Number 1 spot in the US Billboard Album charts. Many other countries followed and 'Like A Virgin' remains one of the biggest selling albums by a female artist [with an estimated sales-number of 20 million world-wide]. The Like A Virgin-single was the biggest hit in 1985, staying at the Number 1-position for 6 straight weeks. It was Madonna's biggest hit in the '80s. Not only the songs, even the cover-image of 'Like A Virgin' established Madonna's image as a high-gloss, sexy bad girl. Stylist and designer Maripol [responsible for a lot of different looks of Madonna in her early career] called it a "Bride of Satan" look. 'Like A Virgin' is dedicated to all the virgins in the world. One of the biggest hits from the 'Like A Virgin'-era, Into The Groove, appeared only on re-issued European Albums where the song was added as Track Number 6. Warner Bros. decided to release a remastered version of 'Like A Virgin' in 2001 [just in time for her Drowned World Tour]. It included 2 dance mixes that previously were only available as B-Sides.
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