Клипы - Madonna - Lucky Star [Confessions Tour DVD]

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Almost two decades later, Lucky Star was performed live again, on the Confessions Tour. After the exhausting La Isla Bonita, Madonna crashes down on stage, but backup singers Nicki & Donna bring her back on her feet, covering her with a magical cape, which reads "Dancing Queen" on the back (another Abba reference, while the rest of her outfit is a combination of Agnetha's & Frida's from their late 70s tour). As Madonna opens the cape, the inside shows twinkling disco balls (lucky stars?). Madonna performs a great version of Lucky Star, sung over the instrumental of Hung Up, together with Donna and Nicki (the only time the backup singers get their part in the spotlight). At the end of the song, Madonna asks the audience if they want more and sings the chorus of Hung Up, then goes offstage for her final costume change, building up the anticipation for the encore.
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