Клипы - Madonna - Love On The Run (Final Gotham Demo 1981)

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Madonna - Love On The Run (Final Gotham Demo)
Recorded in August 1981 at Media Sound, NYC.
One of four songs on the Gotham demo tape that was sent to record labels in hopes of securing a deal for Madonna in late 1981. This is the "Final Studio Demo" of the track that was included on the tape.
Shortly after this was recorded, Madonna (unhappy with the direction manager Camille Barbone was taking her career) severed ties with Gotham and began shopping her own demo of dance music to labels, which eventually resulted in a singles deal with Sire Records. Subsequently, a legal battle would ensue over the ownership of these master tapes with Madonna, Camille and Media Sound, the studio where they were recorded, all staking a claim on the songs. These complications have kept them unreleased twenty years on.
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