Клипы - Madonna - Let It Will Be [Confessions Tour DVD]

# 88745

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After the raving reactions of use of the Paper Faces remix on the promo tour, it was also used on the Confessions Tour. Madonna, in her black outfit without the leather jacket, goes totally wild when dancing on this song. She runs on the catwalk, spasming and jerking like a mad woman. She teases the fans on the front rows by reaching out to them. She takes a cowboy hat from one of the fans (each show a crew member gives one to a fan) and puts it on, continues dancing on the catwalk before throwing it back into the crowd. She continues teasing, sticking her hand down her pants and showing her ass to the camera. The screens show Madonna but in distorted colours. At the end she goes completely in sane as the music is hammering down, until she falls down on the stairs. There she takes a pause and talks a bit to the audience before going into Drowned World.
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