Клипы - Madonna: Human Nature [Unreleased Bridge]

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Категория ролика: Madonna клипы

"Human Nature (Unreleased Bridge)" Unreleased bridge from the song Human Nature. Unknown why it was scrapped. Madonna's voice becomes louder than in the rest of the song. At the background you can hear her saying the well-known line from the song 'express yourself, don't repress yourself'. The musical structure is pretty much the same as in the rest of the song. Madonna can be heard singing: I won't be so broken hearted. You were not the one for me, history has made me see. Nothings wrong I'm OK. It's coming after anyway. I'm moving on. No regrets, and I'm not sorry.' The song then returns to the chorus. The only thing that you can hear as the clip fades out, is that Madonna isn't singing the chorus, she is making some background noises. Also in the end you can hear her beginning to sing the word don't.
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