Клипы - Madonna - Future Lovers (I Feel Love) [Confessions Tour DVD]

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Madonna always knows how to build up tension and anticipation as her show starts. The Confessions Tour started off with a haunting bassline. With an Equestrian theme for the first part of the show, the large screens show running horses (taken from the Steven Klein video) and the sound of the gallopping shakes the whole room. Madonna's face appears on the screens, quoting the intro of Future Lovers, while a giant disco ball is lowered from the ceiling. Before an amazed crowd, the ball opens and Madonna appears from inside. She's dressed in Gaultier riding gear, inspired by Romy Schneider's character in Ludwig, and has her dancers/horses gallopping beside her. She cracks her whip on them and even rides Jason, who prances up to the crowd. Madonna also pays tribute to Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' (which conveniently shares the same bassline joke intertwining the verses seamlessly with those of Future Lovers.
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