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This is a lighting demo for my Halloween costume. It is of the robot character often found accompanying LMFAO live and in videos. This version was based on the version seen in the Party Rock Anthem video but with my own spin. The real one has four LEDs in each eye flashing back and forth. I decided to put eight LEDs in each eye and have each row addressable. I originally wanted to have each light individual but did't to save time. Everything runs off of an Arduino Uno (programmable controller). The head currently runs through six lighting patterns. The first three were based on some tutorial code while the last three are my own. The final pattern spells out "Party Rock" in Morse Code. We had a significant snow storm in the north east US which canceled my Halloween plans. Many parties were rescheduled so I will likely tweak the existing program and add a few more programs before heading out again. Despite running sixteen lights through a micro-controller, it will run for about twelve hours off of a single 9v battery.
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