Клипы - Lil Wayne Mixtape- Every Girl Remix Smoke All the Weed in the World by St. Eyes and B-Luv

# 97290

Категория ролика: Snoop dogg клипы

This is a Mix-tape Promo remix Spin off to "I Like Her, Every girl in the World"- by Lil Wayne and Drake called "Smoke All the Weed in the World" I Like Purp and I like Kush too By St. Eyes and B- Luv of Bottum Lyne Entertainment. This is the best number 1 Song for All the Marijuana users and is going down as the new Weed Song Anthem for everyone to smoke to. A FREE PROMO VIDEO... A special thank you goes to the Mary N Jane Ladies and Grow Scene out in Cali , Also. Special Thanks to Artist / comedian Amin, Artist / videographer Poppa Sinister, and Hustleman Show. You can find St.Eyes at and B-Luv at . Filmed and directed by Sope Productions
DISCLAIMER: No actual Marijuana was harmed, burnt, smoked, inhaled or utilized in the making of this video.
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