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Help by Lil wayne, Copy of the hit beetles Track
Update 5/23/10
Look to everyone that hates/loves this video I thank you for watching it!!
But to my friends that hate this video
Please just keep it moving.
No one is holding a gun to your head making you listen to this
Many people have left good comments discussing the concept of sampling and how it relates to old music.
1. Nothing is above a sample
Music is music
The Beatles are not above lil wayne
and wayne is not above the Beatles
its is all equal
also to think that the beatles are sacred or holy.
is wrong
and that to think that some how there material is sacred or holy.
is wrong
and to think that is wrong to do anything with there material
is wrong
By lil wayne flowing over the Beatles dose not destroy or forever change the original song
the Original is still there
it is not gone
You can still buy it at the store
and you can still play it at home
and no one is going to force you to get rid of it
or buy it again
look this is the digital age.
we have all the OG copys of everything on the internet
or even on OG LP;s
so calm down
2. Sampling is not wrong
would you tell people that they cant take anything from any song period????
Well you better copyright notes and cords, cuz people copy all the time
Musicians throwout history listen to other musicians and get inspired
and look if you think sampling is bad
than you must think that covering is terrible
Cuz at least with a sample you take the original and manipulate it to suite your needs. or to make it sound the way you want to
whereas with a cover you sing another persons song word for word.
not much is changed
that is more of a copy and paste than sampling
and more bitch made than sampling
But the beetles have covered tons of songs over the years
you gunna ride they dick over that?????
MY point being that I think that sampling is more honorable that covers
But it is all ok
Music is music
ITs all good
neither are bad in my book
Weezy probably looks up to the Beatles
thats why he sampled them
the Beatles looked up to Elvis
its all relative
SO please enjoy the music
and education one self before speaking
Because words are powerful
they can create and they can destroy
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