Клипы - Lil Kim Diss Nicki Minaj For Not Paying Homage? Here Is The Truth

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lil kim disses nicki minaj for not paying homage? here she is in one of her interviews she did paying homage to many rap females ESPECIALLY LIL KIM... in this video which has been posted on utube for awhile she mentions lil kim name several times above everyone elses.. in my opinion i feel lil kim is beefing with nicki has nothing to do with nicki but has more to do with the fact that nicki is guilty by association with remy who kim does not like, and kim has also been left out the loop with puffy and i think she is upset about it, i noticed that kim was talking to puffy before then he was seen prancing around with nicki ( i almost think he is trying to make her jealous on purpose).and i think it is as simple as that. she wouldint care to see if nicki actually had respect for her and actually did pay "homage"..all she knows is this is the chick that everyones talkin bout. and i guess she didint think she deserved it. i do know kim likes to throw a tantrum when she dont get enough attention and as far as the wig thing goes, so the eff what?? lil kim act like she wants a lil a_! kissin and althogh she does deserve respect i dont think she should accuse nicki of disrespecting her when she knows good and dam well she didint. she says shes a barbie and dresses like one..so the eff what. she dont sound like kim, even tho they both from ny. no doubt kim has skills but why these old school cat trip so hard? just because someone came first dont make them the best and thats how everyone thinks ..like nobody cant come afterward unless you die, and thats bull ish gosh jay-z even trippin peepin his head out of "retirement" cause he scuured someone gonna come take his spot ...gosh old folks pass the torch with grace instead of tryin to die with it in your hand!!?? if lil kim has to simulate gettin her cootie eatin on stage(like she did on tour recently), and having ray j and key diss nicki and to draw buzz for her tour then she trippin she prolly mad cause nicki is doing so good on her tour, and she needed some buzz. for her tour also maybe she not packin arenas like she wants to i had no probs with kim before i thought she was a sweetheart but now i dont know maybe she just jumped to conclusions when it came to this one or maybe she has the lil "fly on the wall" telling her bull ish thats not tru. i have a feeling puffy did tick her off and who knows maybe she does have a right to be mad.. guess we will never know cause she too busy tryna get to him thru nicki
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