Клипы - Lady Gaga (ft. Beyoncé) -- Telephone: Mario Paint Composer

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Well, this is by far my largest project yet. I did this all completely by ear in the original soundfont. I used 19 of the 20 sounds during this song. (Didn't use Piranha Plant.)
I'd like to thank for recording this for me, though it is a little slow. It does not lag spottily though, which is good.
I suppose this is for all you little monsters. It's also for Lady Gaga herself.
Quick BS update: Apparently YouTube's wonderful content-id system matched this song's audio to Lady Gaga's actual song. This means if you see an ad next to this video, Sony is making money off of this. Also, you can't see statistics for some reason. I mean, what the dick, how can YouTube's content id decide that this 16-bit song belongs to somebody else? I did all this by ear, don't you get it? You think you can own this song, but I own the sound. If you guys want sheet music, just pause this video every time it changes, and you will have 10/11ths of the song for free.
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