Клипы - KoRn - Right Now ! Greatest Hits Vol1

# 60499

Категория ролика: Korn клипы

Greatest Hits Vol.1 est le premier album de compilation du groupe Korn sorti en 2004.

"Right Now" est le premier single de l'album "Take A Look In The Mirror" sorti le 21 novembre 2003.


I'm feeling mean today
Not lost, not blown away
Just irritated and quite hated
Self control breaks down
Why's everything so tame
I like my life insane
I'm fabricating and debating
Who I'm gonna kick around

Right now
can't find a way to get across the hate when I see you
Right now
I'm feeling strange inside I wanna slash and beat you
Right now
I rip apart the things inside that excite you
Right now
I can't control myself I know hate you!

I'm feeling cold today
Not hurt just fucked away
I'm devastated and frustrated
God I feel so bound
So why'd I feel the need?
I think it's time to bleed
I'm gonna cut myself and
Watch the blood hit the ground

You open your mouth again
I swear I'm gonna break it
You open your mouth again
My God I cannot take it

Shut up, shut up, shut up, I'll Fuck you up [x6]

I fucking hate you [x4]
I fucking hate you (SHUT UP!) [x3]
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