Клипы - Klauss Goulart - Turbulence (Original Mix)

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The past few years of trance has seen an influx of outstanding new production talents hailing from South America. And one of the leading lights is Brazil's Klauss Goulart.
Debuted to the world through Markus Schulz's Prague '11 compilation, leading track Turbulence has hit the heights of many a club set in recent months, including Klauss' own home country in the world famous Green Valley - a night which he attended in person. Tough, uncompromising and relentless, Turbulence has never failed to generate a frenzied reaction from the live audiences.
Receiving plays by Markus at both the ASOT 500 events in Buenos Aires and Den Bosch, as well as a staple on the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour, and with additional strong support from the likes of Armin van Buuren and John O'Callaghan, Turbulence has emerged as an essential component of the 2011 club sound.
Not to be outshone however, Klauss' other contribution is a more melodic affair, whilst still maintaining his trademark rhythmic and driving bassline. Debuted recently on Global DJ Broadcast to much acclaim, Let Your Scars Dance will appeal to those who want a bit of an uplifting feel to their DJ sets, and thus shows Klauss' quality of production depth, presenting two tracks from opposing scales in trance, yet yielding two excellent results.
Turbulence and Let Your Scars Dance mark an impressive debut on Coldharbour Recordings for Klauss, and we look forward to his next adventure. This one doesn't take no for an answer.
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