Клипы - Katy Perry live at São Paulo 25-09-11 - California Dreams Tour - FULL SHOW

# 43354

Категория ролика: Katy Perry клипы

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE VIDEOS, i just selected the best videos of the show i could find on youtube and put them together in order to recriate the whole show to watch and get inspired again and again every single time i watch it, it was a life changing performance to me (in a very good way, of course)

if katy perry ever sees this someday, i'd like to thank her for this beautiful oportunity she gave me (and 24,999 other people) by coming to brazil and playing for us, we'll be patient and wait for her to touch another million hearts and change another million lives (as we all know she will) before coming back to brazil again, but i hope that happens sooner than later, we miss you, katy! please come back soon!
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