Клипы - Jennifer Lopez - Villain

# 40701

Категория ролика: Jennifer Lopez - клипы

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Now somehow you feel left out
Somehow you're feeling down
Got an inch but took a mile
Oh nooooooooo

Right now your body's in need
Can't replace what you had in me
My words are cutting deep
Oh nooooooooo

Watch me fall now
I'm colder than winter
My love you forgot,
Let me help you remember
I loved you like you never been
So overdosed on your own medicine

There's no need to call me on the phone
Telling me how much your alone
Enemy of my state of mind
Now I'm the villain how come I'm the villain
I told you that you would need my love
I give you my all but that wasn't enough
Enemy of my state of mind

Now I'm the villain, I'm the villain...of your love
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