Клипы - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On the Floor (Live @ American Idol)

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American Idol Jennifer Lopez' performance was static. The singer removed herself from the judging panel to perform her global smash "On The Floor" with rapper Pitbull. While lasers beamed throughout the performance, the midriff-baring singer provided the electric energy and literally danced her butt off in some unflattering sequinned harem pants. Ms Lopez has shown the world that having babies and being 41-years-old has not slowed her down one bit. Unfortunately, it appears that industry ageism is still rife now that we've discovered her album sales are not meeting expectations. However, with Idol's massive viewing platform and large support system, the record may see a gradual increase. How cool would it be if those million phone votes translated to sales in the long run?
Check out the electrifying performance!
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