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i didnt know whether or not to make a
bittersweet growing up video,
or a party video.
so i made both, lol.
i guess the feeling came from a week ago in school,
everybody was sitting in the gym waiting for a pep rally to start
and party in the usa came on :o
but everybody was just like nonchalantly listening,
until it the chorus, lol.
everybody put up their hands up at once xD
it was like all 3,000 of us just had a moment together, lmao
but idk,
it made me think back to years ago,
when miley was on tour was on tour with the cheetah girls xD
and she was constantly in the hannah wig,
and nobody even knew who miley cyrus was, lol.
idk, it just got me thinking...
she's come far.
p.s. who else watches the office?
its my favorite show :D
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