Клипы - ISS Flying over the Earth auroras & lightning / Jonn Serrie - Welcome Home (HD)

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Awesome stunning view from Space to Earth. Night fly by ISS,
more Jonn Serrie music on Youtube
"Aurora Borealis" Pass over the United States at Night Northern Lights Madacasgar "Aurora Australis" Central Asia to Russia Europe to Indian Ocean New Zealand to Pacific Ocean Northwest US to South America Aurora Australis over Australia North America to South America Tansania to Southern etc.

"Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center"
The station is maintained in orbit between 278 km (173 mi) and 460 km (286 mi) altitude, and travels at an average ground speed of 27,724 km (17,227 mi) per hour, completing 15.7 orbits per day.
"It is spectacular. It's amazing to hold onto the International Space Station, you're going seventeen and a half thousand miles an hour, and just sort of look down at your feet and 200 miles under your feet, there goes the coast of California and, oops, nine minutes later, there goes New York City as you're flying over and then on your way to Europe." -Dan Tani, Astronaut ("In Their Own Words")
The ISS is a joint project between the five participating space agencies, the American NASA, the Russian RKA, the Japanese JAXA, the European ESA, and the Canadian CSA.
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