Клипы - Hard Life hip-hop beat {rap} Instrumental

# 81660

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This beat (My Version) was Introduced to youtube July 13, 2009. Big Krits version was Introduced to Youtube Feb 23, 2010 which is almost a year after mine was already released. Big Sean released his around Aug 31, 2010 which is a year and a month after mine... This beat your listening to now is not a remix of theres. Im not saying they stole it or anything, im just clearing things up. I cant remake or remix something that hasn't been created yet. I cant speak for them but im just clearing my name. Thank you to all the people who listen to my music!!! Ima keep making these beats for yall!!!

Hard Rap Beat, Perfect for a life telling story. Hook says "Round My Hometown, Memories are Fresh" Rate and Subscribe!!
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