Клипы - Hannah Montana - Love That Let's Go ( Lyrics in Description)

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So I played around a bit with the pictures, I added whatever works lol. So it might not all entirely go with the music, but I also added some horse pics for horse lovers, seeing as, the song was sung about Blue Jeans. So anyway enjoy!:).

Also, a few people have pointed out that the last song of this video is, 'Brand New Day' from 'Camp Rock 2'

PS. I'm sorry if any of the lyrics are wrong, I went by ear seeing as the song is fairly new. So again, I apologize:(.


There's a gold frame, that sits by the window.

And my heart breaks a little more each time I try, To picture the memory inside.


There's an old book, it's too hard to read it,

but if you look, you'd see how you look through mine.

(Billy and Miley)

But now one more chapters gone by, and I know,

it's time to move on, even though I'm not ready,
you've got to be strong and trust were you're heading,
and even though it's not easy, (it's not easy!)
I know the right kind of love, doesn't wanna miss the future, and staying in the past, it will always hold on, but never hold you back, and even though it's not easy
(It's not easy!) right now the right kind of love, is a love that let's go,ooo,ooo--
With a love that let's, go.
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