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The new song I'm Just A Girl from season 3 of Hannah Montana with lyrics on screen. Song sung by Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). Video made by me izabella1992. Feel free to tell me what you thought about the video, but please, no rude comments about Miley Cyrus!! Hope you enjoy laugh
Provocative poser Miley Cyrus revealed to M why she thinks people bash her online: 'I guess it's because I'm more open than lots of other celebs. I'm glad I'm that way, because I think it allows many of my fans to relate to what I'm going through, but it can lead to bad things, too. When I read all the cyber bashing stuff about me on the internet, I try to remember that I'm not alone.
All the cyber hating is just an easy way for mean people to try and get to you, because they don't actually say stuff to your face. But I can't really do much, like say nasty things back, because that makes me as bad as them. So I try to just ignore it, since I know what's being said isn't what's real.'
Miley added that most of fans never really get to see her inner beauty: 'I was always getting in trouble for slouching and being hunched over at events.
I'm just a normal Southern girl.'
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