Клипы - Hannah - Falling Away (Armin van Buuren Remix)

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When the world's #1 DJ speaks, the world listens, but when Armin van Buuren recently showcased his remix of 'Falling Away' by Hannah on his ASOT radio show, his fanbase didn't just listen, they responded en masse - collectively and conclusively. Officially voted a 'Future Favourite' on his show by an estimated 15 million strong audience, the evidence was irrefutable that the track was a winner and this blossoming partnership had struck immediate gold!
2011 has been a year of musical exploration for London based Hannah Ild, Estonia's national treasure who proudly lays claim to no less than seven album releases in her homeland in the last decade. A classically trained pianist and singer / songwriter, her intensifying love of electronic music has seen her working with a highly credible and impressive range of dance producers from across the globe. Swinging seamlessly from the big room sounds of Adam K & Soha, Michael Woods and Kryder, to modern day chill out with Steve 'Afterlife' Miller and Pete Gooding, electro house bangers with D.O.N.S. and Robbie Rivera and funky house workouts with the likes of Bimbo Jones and Dr! Kucho, she has already secured consecutive UK Club Chart #1, DMC World Club Chart #1 and US Billboard Dance Chart top 5 success stories along the way.
When this latest studio collaboration with Digital Dog was formulated, the last thing anyone expected from the outcome was a trance inspired radio edit of this stature. The overwhelming conclusion was that Hannah had finally unearthed the signature sound to fully adorn her angelic tones, so when it came to sourcing the right candidate to convert it into a stadium friendly trance anthem, there was only ever one solitary contender for the job! Though yet to be confirmed, future collaborations between Armin and Hannah already seem inevitable as the far reaching potential of their combined talents can only be speculated upon. If Falling Away is just the beginning, then fans of both artists alike will soon have plenty more to get excited about.
Falling Away (Radio Edit) (03:12)
Falling Away (Armin van Buuren Remix) (07:45)
Falling Away (Loverush UK Airplay Mix) (03:03)
Falling Away (Loverush UK Club Mix) (07:32)
Falling Away (Protoculture Remix) (06:40)
Falling Away (Digital Dog Remix) (06:22)
Falling Away (Digital Dog Dub) (06:07)
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