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GTA 5: THE VERDICT - GTA V o'clock Analysis

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Here's the GTA V o'clock verdict of GTA 5: an hour long analysis of Rockstar's biggest game ever, and perhaps the defining game of a generation. Join James Jarvis and Dan Dawkins as they finally get to give their opinions about Grand Theft Auto 5 ahead of the release on September 17. Please be aware, this contains in-game footage: if there are no mission spoilers, but if you want to go in cold then consider watching our CVG review instead:
GTA 5 'o clock is your weekly look at Grand Theft Auto 5, with Dan Dawkins, Tim Weaver and James Jarvis. You can tune in every Wednesday at 5PM UK time to get the best, most in depth analysis of 2013's biggest game from some of the best brains in the games industry. Subscribe to CVG now to never miss another episode: Remember to stay tuned over the coming months for more secrets, analysis and massively deep coverage of GTA Online.

To see the PS3 vs Xbox 360 comparison of GTA 5, go here:
For the CVG review (with a score!), go here:
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