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Please help me tweet justin this vid! I've been trying to tweet this to him.. but he would'nt reply sad So. Please do. :)
Spread this vid to your friends i would truly appreciate it! :)
This is my idea for a music video of "First Dance" It may NOT be that creative but i just want to share my ideas.
Here's the story:
It was justin's prom then, he likes a girl and stuff. but justin didnt really tell the girl how he feels 'cause he was kinda afraid what the girl would react, but, the girl also likes justin too.
A guy asks the girl to dance, the girl accepted, well because that guy was like the "popular kid" in their school and justin was a little bit jealous. then in the middle of the dance, the girl accidentally stepped the guy's foot and the guy got angry and the girl tried to apologize but then, the guy walks away. justin went straight to the girl to comfort her. then, he took her outside of the court and tried to cheer her up by singing to her and dancing to her. and they found out that they really liked each other.
I hope you understand the story:) and i hope you like it!:)
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