Клипы - Everything In Its Right Place [Multifandom]

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***WATCH IN 1080p HD***

Multifandom vid made by me, using clips from 22 different films. All clips used in this vid are from public domain trailers. No copyright infringement intended.

Films list: Act of Valor, Battleship, Captain America, Chronicle, Cowboys and Aliens, Green Lantern, I Am Number Four, In Time, John Carter, MI3 Ghost Protocol, RA One, Resident Evil After Life, Skyline, Source Code, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Darkest Hour, The Heir Apparent, Thor, Underworld Awakening, X Men First Class

Dedicated to Lady Lauren the 1st, Robert the Great, and The Rubble.

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Song: Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Pretty Lights DUBSTEP Remix)

Program Used: Final Cut Pro 7

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