Клипы - Enrique Iglesias on Losing World Cup Bet : I Will Water Ski Naked.

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Netherlands lost the World Cup finals to Spain, and Enrique Iglesias tells ET he plans to honor a friendly bet and lose his pants as a result!
"I'm gonna go ski naked," the sexy music star levels. "All I can say is a bet's a bet... I will do it, yes."
Enrique, whose new album Euphoria is in stores now, says he and friends made bets like this when they were in high school -- with the loser water-skiing around Miami's Biscayne Bay in the dark of night, and completely nude.
"I made a bet with my friends now that if Spain won the World Cup we would do the same thing again and I would actually do it," he says, adding: "I don't think it would be a pleasant site to see me ski naked."
Speaking of making waves, how did Enrique like collaborating with the gals and guys of "Jersey Shore" on his new music video? And can he see himself competing on "Dancing with the Stars"? Watch the video to find out!
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