Клипы - Danielle Peazer saying hi to my friend Blaine today in New York 9/10/13

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Here is my photo with Danielle:
This was taken at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show here in New York City. I knew Dani was going to Fashion Week but I didn't know what show she would be attending or at what time or any of the details. As I was waiting, I saw her walking towards me and I stopped her and asked her for a picture. She said of course, and I think she was surprised that we stopped her. After my friend Natalie and I got our pictures with Dani, I asked her for this video. My friend Blaine is absolutely obsessed with Danielle and so I got this video for her! Afterwards, we gave her our twitters and she smiled and put them in her purse. We are hoping she follows, but this was so good it really doesn't even matter! If you watch this Dani, thank you so much you have no idea how much it means to me :)
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