Клипы - Confessions of Sorority Girls 1994 , Confessions of a Sorority girl 1994

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This is not my movie! All rights to the companies that made this movie possible! If you are a company that made this movie, please message me politely with proof that you are that company and I will take the video down, instead of flagging this video!

The full movie of Confessions of Sorority Girls, also known as Confessions of a Sorority girl, and in Germany called Deadly Red Corvette.
Filmed in 1994, the college scenes and pool scene were filmed at King Gillette Ranch in California. The beach scenes at Mort's bar I am still trying to find out.

This may be a bit low quality, as it is coming from a 700MB divx file.

PS: I have the 1958 original of this movie on my channel as well.
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