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A lot of people talk down on 50 especially the younger generation who don't really know his story they only see and hear the recent stuff and if you knew what he came from and what he did to get where he is now you would appreciate and respect him more.
He is a success story like no one else unlike 99% of rappers 50 really lived that life and made it out and has achieved things most could only dream about from Music, Record Label, Semi-Autobiographical Film, Autobiography Book, Video Games, Trainers, Clothing Line, Books, Acting, Writing, The Vitamin Water Deal, Body Spray, Condom Line, Film Production Company, G-Unit Books Imprint, His Own Website, Street King, SMS Audio Headphones, Boxing Promoter & Other Business Ventures.
In 2007 he was the second wealthiest performer in the rap industry behind Jay-Z despite only coming out in 2003 and is high up on the Forbes Hip-Hop Rich List with people who have been in the industry since the 90's.
People envy him because no one else has done or come close to doing what he has done people with his background don't usually make it to the top they try but never get passed a certain point and he has made it to the top and people don't like that.
He also appeals to people outside of hip hop because of the way he presents himself by not putting on a tough guy act and just acting himself speaking what he feels and being at times very funny, caring and intelligent.
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