Клипы - Ciara: Rocawear I Will Not Lose Campaign 07

# 88653

Категория ролика: Jay-Z клипы

I started out in a group that didn't quite work out. We had creative
differences so I decided to pursue my solo career. It wasn't necessarily easy to get people to believe in me. Eventually, I got into a place where things started to move a little faster for me as a solo artist. When people talk about you, you know blogs, and internet, and radio, gossip...I mean it gets crazy, but I will say I feel like my high school experiences trained me for this. Everything is about learning, like a trial and error process. Some of the negative things, for me at this point is motivation, 'cause people like to be negative just to be. I'm living my dream, and to know that people actually love what I do means so much. It's my life, you know, I love it.
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