Клипы - C'mon C'mon + Niall's Speech - One Direction @ Madison Square Garden - 12/3/12

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**Save You Tonight (THEY JUMP OFF STAGE INTO CROWD) + Little Things (with Ed Sheeran) --
**Teenage Dirtbag --
**What Makes You Beautiful --
**Gotta Be You --
**Live While We're Young --
**More Than This --

One Direction sings C'mon C'mon & then Niall gives a beautiful thank you speech for the fans

**DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH EARPHONES OTHERWISE R.I.P. my section was heavy on the screaming and it gets especially bad at the end of Niall's speech so you might die haha :P So yeah, bare warning and I apologize in advance for all that noise! I tried not to sing during the song so you guys can hear the boys' voices better**

look at Louis and Liam's dancing at the beginning of the song xD

**DISCLAIMER: I do not own the songs, people, lyrics, or anything at all unfortunately. Just the video, which was filmed by me.**
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