Клипы - Brain Damage - Like This (With S.P. & Rossi)

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Garik Barseghyan named as Brain Damage was born on July 12, 1985 in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Garik seriously began to engage in singing at an early age. He has been participating in many concerts .Very soon he is going to release his 1st CD which will be called "A Lot of Hatred." He is a wonderful lyricist as well. The origin of his inspiration is everything that is close to his heart. He creates in Rap style. Singing is his profession and takes the most important place in his life.
Sargis Poghosyan was born on August 18, 1985 in Yerevan. His first debut on the stage was at the age of 10 at Stanislavski Theatre. At the age of 13 he began to create and engage in professional vocal (for seven years). In 2002 he entered Yerevan State Economic University, though he went on engaging in music. He took part in different competitions and concerts. The arrangements for his songs are done by the member of "Mineral" band Sparik Sargsyan (Sargis collaborates with the band "Mineral"). In 2004 was shot his first music video "Es Lur em, Bayc Hogis Gorum e" (I am Quiet, But My Soul is Crying). It is in pop-rock style. Soon was released the remix version of the song and music video. He has many authorized compositions in different styles (New Age, Pop, Blues, Rock etc). In 2006 was shot his 3rd music video "I Feel You"- director Hrach Qeshishyan. It is a duet with Nushik Tati, who is his grandmother. In 2007 were shot 2 music videos "Searching" in Dubai and "Loneliness" in a duet with Rossi. The director's and assembly works have been done by Sargis Poghosyan (SP Production). He also engages in Sparik Sargsyan, "Mineral" and Rossi's director's and assembly works. Soon will release the debut album entitled "Searching". It includes compositions in different styles (Ballad, New Age, Pop, Blues and Rock). Sargis appreciates in people kindness, clarity and sincerity and hates falsification, flattery and adulation. His catchword is "Look at the life with real eyes"
Rossi was born on February 20, 1991 in Jermuk. Her musical abilities have been noticed since an early childhood. At the age of three Rossi had a concert with "Mineral". She took part in many children's musical TV program. Her first song was recorded at the age of eight. She is the author of numerous songs. The arrangements for her songs are done by her father Sparik Sargsyan who is the member of "Mineral". Rossi has shot two music videos. She hates wrongness, falsification and treachery. She likes classical, rock, new age stiles. She wants to become a psychologist but at the same time not refusing from the song.
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