Клипы - Blink 182: Easy Target (Live Edit 2009)

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I started these edits before i saw blink on this 2009 reunion tour and have now seen them twice and am not 100% happy with them (the edits) anymore. I finished the edit of their set list but am most probably going to slowly reedit the whole show as more and more footage comes from the rest of the tour. Hopefully i might even find enough "HD" footage and put together a better quality one. So, thank you from me and everyone else out there to those of you who get the cameras in there and get this stuff up on the web. For those of you who have wrote me who are nowhere near a venue; sorry that really sucks for you, but i am glad I and the others who got the original footage can help and watch for more better edits of the show (hopefully soon). I am also very open to critique and suggestion so if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests please feel free to let me know
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