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Listen to Beyonce 'Schoolin' Life':
New Beyonce leaks, and we're breaking it all down in our next ClevverMusic segment!
Hey guys, Bridget Daly here for ClevverMusic. There's so much new music this week that we kind of feel like it's Christmas! Beyonce's Schoolin Life track is the latest to come out on the web. Produced by The Dream, the track is reportedly going to be included exclusively on the deluxe version of her album 4, which will be available only on Target. The best line has to be the one that goes: "I'm not a teacher, but baby I can teach you somethin'/ Not a preacher but we can pray if you wanna/ Ain't a doctor, but I can make you feel better/ But I'm great in writing physical love letters/ I'm a freak all day, all night..."
Critics are comparing her to Prince on the track, adding that the song definitely has an 80s feel to it. It's definitely different than the ballads we've heard thus far that will be included on 4, and we like that she went in a different direction on this single. Check out the link below to the audio, and let us know what you think of it. For more music news, check out our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ClevverMusic and click the Like button. Thanks for watching! I'm Bridget Daly and I'll see you guys soon.
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