Клипы - Beyoncé, Madonna, Tom Cruise, and More Stars Throw Oprah a Giant Surprise Goodbye Party!

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Beyonce, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, and more stars come together for Oprah's giant farewell spectacular.

I'm Lauren, and here's what you can expect from the super-sized show in today's PopSugar Rush!

Madonna: "She's kind of a piece of American history, you know what I mean?"

Simon Cowell: "This is the equivalent of American royalty, that's the only way I can describe it. We have the royal family, you have Oprah."

After 25 years on the air, Oprah is signing off on May 25, and Hollywood's biggest stars are seeing to it that she goes out with a bang. ABC News caught up with celebrities like Madonna and Simon Cowell yesterday during a very special two-part taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show which will air next Monday and Tuesday. But Madonna and Simon are just two of the big names who dropped by Chicago's United Center yesterday to honor Ms. Winfrey.

Tom Hanks played master of ceremonies for the first half of the evening, as one star after another made a surprise appearance on stage to share their Oprah love. Tom Cruise walked out to the Mission Impossible theme song, while wife Katie Holmes addressed the audience alongside Halle Berry and Queen Latifah, and Dakota Fanning joined a group of other young girls to tell the talk show queen just how much she's inspired them.

Girl power was an ongoing theme for the night, so what better way to celebrate it than with an explosive performance of "Run the World (Girls)?" Beyonce got the excited crowd on its feet as she busted her hot moves on stage to perform her new single, before paying her regards with a few kind words. She told Oprah:

"Because of you, women everywhere have graduated to a new level of understanding of who we are, of what we are and most of all, who we can be."

And that was just part one! When part two kicked off, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith stepped in to take over hosting duties, Jerry Seinfeld cracked a few jokes, and Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Usher, and Aretha Franklin belted songs.

Maria Shriver also surprised everyone by showing up on stage, on the very same day as the news of Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret child; however she remained strong and poised throughout the taping as she spoke about her good friend, O.

But perhaps the sweetest cameo of the evening came from Stedman, who took the mic with a heartfelt message for his long-time lady, saying:

"Honey, you are so special. ... I love you for making a difference in my life."

Tearing up yet? The audience sure was. 13,000 people sat in on the Oprah taping with Kleenex in hand — that's 13,000 boxes of tissues. You may want keep some by your side for the special episodes. "Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular" will air May 23 and 24.
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