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LYRICS BELOW: A Music Video for Black Star by Avril Lavigne from her beautiful new album Goodbye Lullaby 2011. I hope you like it ;)
DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING. ALL CREDIT GOES TO AVRIL LAVIGNE AND HER RECORD LABELS. - If you like this song it is available on Itunes or Avrils new album Goodbye Lullaby. The Fragrance is available in most perfume shops.
Videos Used:
Avril Lavigne Black Star Commercial
Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Commercial
Avril Lavigne Canon Commercial 1,2,3 & 4
Black Star, Black Star
Forever you will be...
A Shining Star, Shining Star
Be whatever you can be...
A Rockstar, Rockstar
You will always be...
A Black Star, Black Star, Black Star
Black Star, Black Star, Black Star
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