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Share your most 'Intense' photo with the hashtag #AvBIntense and win a personal Google+ Hangout with Armin!

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It's the intense moments in our lives that we remember most. The moments of laughter, joy, sadness and sharing love. It's the spark of life that lights us on our way. To some, intensity lies in music. To others, it's friendship, travelling or partying. This time, it's up to you to define it. Armin van Buuren invites you to share your most 'Intense' moment!

By tweeting your picture using hashtag #AvBIntense, you'll be uploading a picture to the official 'Intense' mini-site, and after we've approved it, you're in the running for a prize. 9 people have the chance of winning a personal Google+ Hangout with Armin, so you can ask him every burning question that you've got for him! All you have to do to make sure to win, is to try and get as much votes to your picture as possible. Share it on social media, get your friends and fellow Armin-fans to vote for your picture, and you might win your own time to chat with Armin himself! All pictures that enter the competition will be used in the special 'Intense' mosaic that we'll create, and all winners will receive a signed poster of it!

So be sure to head off to the Intense website, upload your most intense moment in life, share it to get votes and be part of the 'Intense' mosaic!

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