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Armin takes you through 'Intense' - part 2

Want to know the story behind the songs on Armin's 'Intense' album? Discover the meaning of your favourite track? Or find out how Armin ended up working with the featuring artist? Then here's your chance to do so! Armin will guide you through 'Intense', with his commentary and explanation!

After last week's episode with the first 5 tracks of 'Intense', we've uploaded a new episode onto Armada TV! This time, he'll tell you all about the meaning of 'Sound of The Drums', 'Alone', 'Turn This Love Around', 'Won't Let You Go' and 'In 10 Years From Now'. Discover 'Intense' through Armin's commentary right now!

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1. Intense (feat. Miri Ben-Ari)
2. This Is What It Feels Like (feat. Trevor Guthrie)
3. Beautiful Life (feat. Cindy Alma)
4. Waiting For The Night (feat. Fiora)
5. Pulsar
6. Sound Of The Drums (feat. Laura Jansen)
7. Alone (feat. Lauren Evans)
8. Turn This Love Around (with NERVO feat. Laura V.)
9. Won't Let You Go (feat. Aruna)
10. In 10 Years From Now
11. Last Stop Before Heaven
12. Forever Is Ours (feat. Emma Hewitt)
13. Love Never Came (feat. Richard Bedford)
14. Who's Afraid Of 138?!
15. Reprise (feat. Bagga Brownz)
16. Humming The Lights (presents Gaia) (Bonus Track)
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