Клипы - Alpha Duo - ASOT 550 Anthem [ASOT 550 Anthem Contest]

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This week, Armin had another big announcement to make on the A State of Trance show. He revealed the 5 contestants who, with their track, are in the running of becoming the official A State of Trance 550 anthem. Next to tunes by Shogun, W&W, Eco and Sebastian Brandt, there's also the winner of the wildcard, Alpha Duo, that might just provide this global happening its official theme!
This is your chance to vote for your favourite, by going to and select the track that you feel represents that unifying character of the ASOT 550 celebration, gives you shivers and of which you think it deserves to represent an event that will move millions. The winner of the A State of Trance 550 Anthem Contest will be announced next week, on December 15th !
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