Клипы - Aerosmith Steven Tyler signing autographs for fans, takes time out for kids, cops, and more!

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was in town to obtain autographs from all your favorite bands. Again, these autographs we obtain are used for our special "Charity Works" program which puts the best autographs on the planet into the hands of charity fundraisers so they can have these items to help raise funds for their charity cost/risk free. Visit for more information about our "Charity Works" program. We also have a few extra items for sale on the site so if you have a favorite band or a relative or friend who has a special occasion coming up, be sure to stop by. The items are truly amazing and as you can see in the video, we do more than just tell you these items are authentic, in most cases we prove it.
In this video Steve Tyler is shown leaving his New York, NY hotel after having spent a few days in town doing performances while on tour. During his stay, he was kind enough to sign countless autographs for however insisted he'll not be signing any more guitars or similar items.
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